About Us


Loesje Sanders Ltd is one of the UK’s leading agencies, with over thirty years of experience representing award winning, national and international, non-performing talent across opera, theatre, dance, film and television.


Our Mission

To provide dedicated and personalised professional representation for clients with full support in all areas of clients’ careers including; travel, finance, and promotion.


Our Values

To work for clients on an international scale identifying new opportunities and negotiate the best contractual terms whilst nurturing future generations of creative talents across different artistic disciplines.


Our Vision

To build on the legacy of Loesje Sanders by continuing to develop strong and trusted, professional relationships with clients and producers.

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Simon Ash


Pierre Becker
Office Assistant

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Alice Butler


Lucia Uragallo

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Chris Fisk

The leading professional body for talent agencies in the UK.

The PMA is a membership organisation for agents who represent actors, writers & directors working in film, television, theatre & radio. It was set up over 60 years ago with the intention of encouraging good practice among agents by encouraging better communication between agents; & better communication from agents to the industry.